The Steve Harvey Morning Show

International Women’s Day, Dr. Jackie Interview, Sheryl Underwood, Mississippi Monica and more.

Good morning and welcome to the ride! The ladies take over the show. Shirley Strawberry, Carla Ferrell, Mississippi Monica and Sheryl Underwood make it do what it does. In Ask Sheryl Underwood, our girl gives some good advice to men as it pertains to “putting your foot down” and she does not disappoint. The ladies (Shirley) talk about sexccess. LMBAO!!! Success correction. Carla talks about an important event that will highlight the women in the music industry. We also get to hear how Chicago radio legends influenced the ladies on the show. Sheryl Underwood answers a very important question. How do we as black women remind our sisters to use their voice and power for change? Our friend Dr. Jackie Walters from Married To Medicine is back to discuss Season 8, her book The Queen V and women’s health. The ladies wrap up the show today with Tell Me Something Good. Chaka, Chaka, Chaka Chaka Khan anyone anyone. Huge shout out to all the ladies. Have a great day!

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