The Steve Harvey Morning Show

Inauguration Day, Oval Office Cleaning Crew, Trump Is Gone, We Are One and more.

Good morning and welcome to the ride! Today is the day. “Oh Happy Day!” Trump is out. Congratulations to President Joe Biden (46) and Vice President Kamala Harris (49). The Chief Love Officer has a thirsty woman writing in and also gets a situation about landscaping handed to him that you need to hear for yourself. January 20 is now ‘What’s Going On’ Day in Michigan. CNN is live with Ronnie from the cleaning crew.and they are having difficulties. The We Are One Celebration was on YouTube last night and it featured Stacey Abrams. Steve has officially adopted Stacey Abrams. The crew are happy to see this day because it means no more 45. Tommy’s song “Trump Is Gone” is the most requested song in the country. Today in Closing Remarks, Steve reminds us that despite being in the middle of a pandemic, there is still an upside for all of us.

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