Strawberry Letter

I Wish I Didn't Trust Her So Much

Dear Steve and Shirley, I am a 26 year old man with 2 children and a wonderful wife of 4 years. My wife recently graduated from medical school and she’s studying for her certification exam, so she is not working right now. She is at home studying most days or she’s on campus with her study group. I had no problem with all of the free time my wife had, nor did I ever question her loyalty in our marriage, until recently. I was using her phone one day not too long ago and a text from “Jarvis” popped up and the message was, “Yes, I’ll come by tomorrow for lunch.” I asked my wife who Jarvis is and she told me that he’s one of her study partners and she asked him to drop by on his lunch break the next day, to pick up some notes…………….
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