The Steve Harvey Morning Show

Health Care Workers, Comedian Donald Trump, Pastor Motown, Fool #2 B-Day and more.

Good morning and welcome to the ride! This is the very special quarantine version of this here show. We are officially in separate locations. Let’s get it. 45 has some comedians laughing their @$$es off. Inside Church Complaints, Pastor Motown does some preaching. Icon Kenny Rodgers passes away at 81 years of age. Happy Birthday to our very own J. Anthony Brown! DJ D-Nice threw a global party on IG Live that had the stars checking in. The NYC Heath Department suggests no sex. A mother in the UK had her toilet paper stock get destroyed by her children. We have the excuse that people are using to get out of their house. Our show today is dedicated to all the health care workers for their sacrifice. Today in Closing Remarks, The CEO share with us something written by Bill Gates and it does more than elevate our thinking.

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