Strawberry Letter

He Goes On and On and On

Dear Steve and Shirley, I’m a beautiful 38 year old female with a 54 year old man. Everything in our relationship is perfect except our sex life. The big problem is that my man can go for hours and I’m not exaggerating. He doesn’t take any male enhancement products but he’s in great physical shape for his age. I have been knowing this guy for 13 years. We dated a while ago. Then he got married. After his divorce, we started dating again. We talk we laugh travel and he is great with my kids. The only problem is that he wears me completely out. It makes me feel insecure when we are intimate because I feel like I’m not handling my business like I should. He told me that he has always had a hard time finishing up and I’m not doing anything wrong. He says he almost gets there but then nothing happens. Don’t get me wrong the first 20 minutes are great but after that it gets to be a bit too much. I encouraged him to go see a doctor. I need him to fix this issue as soon as possible. Can you offer any advice in the meantime?
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