The Steve Harvey Morning Show

Happy Thanksgiving, Team Excuses, Blonde Black Men, MTH and more.

Good morning and welcome to the ride! Happy Thanksgiving this is The Steve Harvey Contest. Come get your blue ribbon. What do you want your blue ribbon in? We get to talk to The CEO about bonuses, vacations and holiday parties. Bitterman brings us the things that losers say when their team is losing. In Comedy Roulette, you get the best food mixtures that translate to good eatin’! From comedian to best selling author, Fool #2 has his latest book just for us. When Junior is on one, it’s nothing but laughs and that is what ya get in Truth Be Told. J. Anthony Brown murders another one in the spirit of Donna Summer. Since today is Thanksgiving, we reflect on the guests at the party that we really don’t like. Today in Closing Remarks, Big Dog explains what living a life of abundance is truly about.

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