The Steve Harvey Morning Show

Happy Thanksgiving Eve, Comedy Roulette, Truth Be Told, MITS and more.

Good morning and welcome to the ride! Happy Thanksgiving Eve this show is for all forms of primates, rhinoceros, elephants, hippos and specifically the big jaw orangutans. You need to write down the things you don’t say at Thanksgiving dinner. Ever be in church and the preachers wife can’t sing? This is the holiday where people eat the most and we have the best side dishes to have on Turkey Day. Junior’s Truth Be Told has him talking about the statements that let you know its time to leave. We find out why today is the last possible day to breakup with someone. Fool #2 hits the streets to ask people about family members that owe them money. Do you ever dread going to Thanksgiving dinner because of a family member that you don’t want to see? Today in Closing Remarks, Steve talks to us about complacency and wanting more. Y’all have a great weekend!

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