The Steve Harvey Morning Show

Hank Aaron, Larry King, Joe Exotic, Super Bowl LV and more.

Good morning and welcome to the ride! Shirley tells us how she feels now that she is not dependent on TV. The Chief Love Officer has a couple of fun topics to tackle. They are good riddance and hearing tests. One of the complaints inside The Jackpot Joint of Jerusalem revolves around Sister Vershinda and her glory. Over the weekend we lost two legends. Our prayers and condolences go to the families of Hank Aaron and Larry King. Fool #2 has questions that will let you know if you should receive a Black card. Joe Exotic is livid that 45 ignored his pardon request. The Super Bowl is set! Tampa Bay will play at home as they face Kansas City February 7th. The show stealer from the 2021 Inauguration has books that are topping Amazon’s sales charts. Congrats!!! Inside Comedy Roulette, the comedians give us the things people say when you bring up something they did wrong to you. The crew wrap up the show with hope for the future and they all acknowledge the presence of Bernie Sanders. LMBAO!!!

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