The Steve Harvey Morning Show

Handparty Breaks, Dherbs, Guilty Pleasures, Greg Calhoun Golf Classic and more.

Good morning and welcome to the ride!  No matter what all of those downs lead to an up.  The CLO had situations today that make you say, “Gahhhdog!”  Tisha Campbell Martin speaks out about what is to come tomorrow night on BET.  The CEO of Dherbs and our family AD Dolphin is here to show you how to attain the health and body of your dreams.  Big Dog will be out there on the golf course for the Steve Harvey/Greg Calhoun Classic in honor of his great friend Greg Calhoun.  Post Malone’s 2 pack a day habit sparks the question.  What is the one guilty pleasure that is hard to give up?  An employer in Spain encourages self-infliction.  I mean self-ration.  This round of Would You Rather was truly funky and fun.  This round of Would You Rather was truly funky and fun.  Today in Closing Remarks, Steve says it straight up no chaser.  “When you have an opportunity to go and enjoy your life, I’m telling you you should take that.”

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