The Steve Harvey Morning Show

Best of 2020: Blackzan, Joe Biden, Sharon Stone, Junior Poem and more.

Good morning and welcome to the ride! Who is the Lord and King of the Jungle? Get ready for Blackzan! The Chief Love Officer sets the record straight for a jealous married woman that has issues with her mother-in-law. LisaRaye has gone on the record that she is down for an entanglement with Will Smith. Fool #2 has an original track about Kamala Harris. Joe Biden delivered his Democratic Presidential Nominee acceptance speech. Junior has a poem just for Bitterman. Sharon Stone spoke out about the realities of COVID-19 in Montana and its effects on her family. Congratulations to our very own Carla Ferrell as she celebrates 16 years of marriage to her husband Tosh. Today in Closing Remarks, Steve asks the question, “Do we want a stark difference from what we’ve had the past four years?”

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