The Steve Harvey Morning Show

Gifts We Hate, Breakup Poetry, Xmas Lists, MTH and more.

Good morning and welcome to the ride! Today’s show is dedicated to the two coldest groups on Planet Earth. Which one do you belong to? The Chief Love Officer gets candid with an ugly valedictorian. The crew gives you the most hated and most unwanted gifts for Christmas. Steve shares with us a Harvey Christmas tradition involving egg nog. Our resident poet has Christmas breakup poetry just for those who are hitting splitsville. Comedy Roulette gives us the signs that you need to stop feeding that baby. A handwritten X-mas list from a 10 year old girl to her daddy contained grown folks gifts straight up! Fool #2 went back to the lab to bring us an original song specifically made for all the #2’s. Today in Closing Remarks, Steve talks about the importance of getting back in the game.

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