The Steve Harvey Morning Show

Friday The 13th, Strip Club, Psychic Prediction, Debate Talk and more.

Good morning and welcome to the ride, it’s Friday The 13th! The Steve Harvey Morning Show is on and crackin’! Big Dog and Fool #2 do a little singing just for us. The rules of the show are being sung to us so turn the volume up. The crew have a discussion about the strip club on whether or not it will stay open during the coronavirus outbreak. Tom Hanks may face complications with his coronavirus diagnosis and apparently a psychic predicted the outbreak in 2008 according to social media post by Kim Kardashian. This outbreak has caused the cancellation of the NBA, NCAA, Princess and Viking Cruise Lines, plus other businesses. Please protect yourself and your loved ones. If you were to ever be quarantined with your mate, we have the things that they would do to get on your nerves. The Sunday Debate featuring Sanders and Biden has been moved to CNN Studios in Washington D.C. Today in Closing Remarks, Big Dog talks about the seriousness of the coronavirus outbreak, however, he shines a huge beam of light on the situation. WE STILL HAVE GOD!

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