The Steve Harvey Morning Show

Eugene Goodman, U.S. Terrorists, Dr. Fauci, Junior Poem and more.

Good morning and welcome to the ride! Put your mind on it and get it right, this is The Steve Harvey Morning Show. The Chief Love Officer has a few situations involving little sister, an ATL strip club and performance enhancement. The SoHo Karen told on herself while being interviewed by Gayle King. Our resident poet Langston Junior has a new one called “White People In The White House and a few Black Lost Souls” THE END! Army veteran and capitol police officer Eugene Goodman is being hailed as hero for redirecting an angry mob away from Senate floor. The Viking guy from the attack on the capitol is on a hunger strike in jail. Dr. Fauci predicts that concert venues could reopen if social distancing measures are followed. Today in Closing Remarks, Steve tells the truth about how the FBI really handles their business and has a message for The Steve Harvey Nation.

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