The Steve Harvey Morning Show

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Good morning and welcome to the ride! The Inquisition of Steve has begun. The Chief Love Officer calls a gold digger straight out and he also cuts through the crap of lady who loves foreplay. The Essence Festival 2022 is looking real good so far. Today Cory turned the dumb factor way up with Daylight Savings. Steve was on The Today Show and he debuted a new interactive game of Family Feud. The Lakers won big after LBJ drops 56. The fellas were having waaaay tooo much fun in the round of Would You Rather. Somebody in the Far East is wired different for real and it gives new meaning to crocodile tears. Men’s most favored feel good phrases are here because they have feelings too. Today in Closing Remarks, Steve drops this gem. “Your feelings are a barometer of your thoughts.”

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