The Steve Harvey Morning Show

Entanglement, Church Complaints, Bubba Wallace Interview, MTH, Gorilla Fight and more.

Good morning and welcome to the ride! Shirley is back and the Black Chris Cuomo is here. Bitterman gives us his opinion about the Will and Jada situation. The Chief Love Officer helps with dealing with a kept man and office love. A member of the congregation just lost their dog and they requested a Zoom funeral along with 8 dog pallbearers, plus more in Church Complaints. Is entanglement the biggest word of 2020 so far or nah? Steve interviewed Nascar’s Bubba Wallace. Fool #2 murders another one in the spirit of New Edition. Black Girl Magic is alive and well in the Navy and primetime! There was a gorilla fight in Miami. Today in Closing Remarks, Steve tells us how proud he is of the young folks that protested on all levels and has a clear message for The Steve Harvey Nation.

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