The Steve Harvey Morning Show

Ellen DeGeneres, Deion Sanders, Lebron James, The Emotions and more.

Good morning and welcome to the ride! Somebody is looking a bit taller today. Steve is also talking Sugar Honey Iced Tea to this person as well. Who is it? The Chief Love Officer has a covert problem that could be G 14 classified. Ellen DeGeneres returns to show with apology for toxic work place. Steve talks to us about his favorite TV show today. Congrats to Deion Sanders on his appointment to head coach of JSU Football! Sports Talk with Junior is all about Lebron James and what he does for basketball today. Pamela Hutchinson from The Emotions passed away at age 61 on Friday. Today in Closing Remarks, Steve tells us a compelling story about a white TV reporter’s experience with black folks in his life and ties it to the importance of voting.

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