The Steve Harvey Morning Show

“Election Day Aftermath, Biden, Trump, 2020 and more.

Good morning and welcome to the ride! God is still in control and it is what it is!!! We got to do more, do better and do it more often. The Chief Love Officer clarifies a rideshare issue. We are still counting and 45 makes a frank declaration. The two candidates exchanged tweets. Plus, big shout out to Keith for giving us a moment of joy, straight up!!! Jimmy from Richmond, VA has an alternative perspective and Steve adds to it. Randy from Brunswick, GA is very vocal about the political climate and expresses his concern. “What up doe?” Our boy Randy talks about the lack of a black agenda. Leroy with the hella deep voice has a great idea! Today in Closing Remarks, Steve is optimistic and gives his last “Get out and vote speech of the year!”

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