The Steve Harvey Morning Show

Don’t hurt me no more: A Conversation with Ts Madison

You’ve probably heard of Ts Madison through her iconic videos on social media, her TV show The TS Madison Experience, or even through her latest feature on Cozy, a track off the new Beyonce album. But before she became known for her content and out-of-this-world confidence as a trans woman, she was a sex worker that was battling stigmas within the same community that was meant to protect her.


In this episode, listen as Maddie shares her struggles in becoming unapologetically herself. Because although she’s always been very sure of who she is and what she stands for, it was the outside world – filled with transphobia and homophobia – that always made her feel like was inadequately representing womanhood and the trans community. Find out how Maddie overcame these comparisons and societal pressures to make herself happy – becoming the truest version of herself through radical self-love. 

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