The Steve Harvey Morning Show

DMX, Bridgerton, Derek Chauvin Trial, New Verzuz Battle and more.

Good morning and welcome to the ride! Steve is ridin’ high baby!!! “Boy….shut up!” – Steve Harvey The Chief Love Officer has a reality check for a “tricker” and it is profound! Mariah Carey treats frontline workers as she got vaccinated. There is a Verzuz comedy parody circulating that will have you laughing out loud, that is, depending on who you are standing next to. Be careful! We here at The Steve Harvey Morning Show ask The Steve Harvey Nation to keep DMX in your prayers for a full recovery. Congratulations Baylor University. Saturday really spelled 4321 and the crew speculate on why it is significant. There is more testimony covering the video of George Floyd and the crew have some things to say about the latest going on with this trial. Today in Closing Remarks, Steve talks about what God is looking for in us.

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