The Steve Harvey Morning Show

Dionne Warwick, Gift Giving, Carla’s Reality Update, Sheryl Underwood and more.

Good morning and welcome to the ride! Fool #2 opens up the show and is grateful for his blessings. The crew is also thankful to still be here. Let’s go!!! J. Anthony Brown gives his opinion about an interracial couples issue with the n-word. Dionne Warwick has fired back at Wendy Williams and was clownin’ on social media. Bitterman points out that if you never had experienced………………then you have never struggled. The crew all sound off on the best and worst gifts that they have ever received. Our girl from The Talk is still campaigning on behalf of herself and Junior. Sheryl Underwood was also happy to report that 45’s cronies on Supreme Court forgot about him. LMBAO!!! In Reality Update, Miss Carla has much to tell from the season finale of Real Housewives of Potomac because she and Shirley ladies were wondering if there is jealousy between Michael and Juan. The Tiger King is desperately seeking a pardon from Trump and has written a letter to Kim Kardashian. Today the show wraps up with the crew being happy about Trump being gone.

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