The Steve Harvey Morning Show

Detroit, Booty Screws, Pickin’ Presidents, Carla’s Reality Update and more.

Good morning and welcome to the ride! We are still here waitin’ to take off, show off and be out. The Steve Harvey Morning Show has done its due diligence. The Chief Love Officer has no way of helping a woman who got caught up with her boyfriend’s boss. There is a gentleman in Detroit that said it best, “because we’ve gone from picking cotton to picking Presidents.” A phone call with Calvin leads to Big Dog’s quote of the day. “Put da booty screws and damn near turn a red state blue!” Our friend Trey lets the whole world know a cold hard fact! We have poll observers in AZ and GA filling us in with the latest. Steve tells us where we shut it down and also reminds us where it really got funky with the Black vote. Miss Carla covers divorce, taxes and 4 degrees in Reality Update. Today in Closing Remarks, Uncle Steve has a specific message for US. Win, lose or draw.

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