The Steve Harvey Morning Show

Derek Chauvin Trial, Voter Suppression, Endocrine System, Facebook Live and more.

Good morning and welcome to the ride! It’s a new day and we are five days away from Easter Sunday and the upcoming Verzuz battle between EWF and The Isley Brothers. The Chief Love Officer must break down a situation involving panties and tequila. Voter suppression is real, straight up! Steve speaks out and makes it clear what will happen. The murder trial of Derek Chauvin started yesterday with jurors hearing opening statements and witness testimony. Junior is happy to report that at least one team is doing their job. Congrats to The Cougars on advancing to The Final Four. According to a doctor at Mt. Sinai Hospital, male underparts are coming out much smaller due to exposure to certain chemicals. The ladies will be back on Facebook Live for Happy Hour on Thursday. Today in Closing Remarks, Steve talks about the voter turnout from the 2020 Presidential Election and what is being done to prevent a repeat.

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