The Steve Harvey Morning Show

Dave Chappelle SNL, Sister O’dell, Church Complaints, Thailand Girl and more.

Good morning and welcome to the ride!  “Who you gonna call?”  Black Panther got his ass whooped at McDonald’s and is seeking help from The Jackpot Joint of Jerusalem.   The CLO tells us if a speech impediment a deal breaker or nah?  Our family gives us her opinion about Nick Cannon’s 12th child and had something to say about the baby’s name.  Wakanda Forever came in #1 at the box office.  Herschel Walker is still proving to be an abomination.  Pimpin’ was on fire with his picks baby!  In love with his best friend writes in about a hella messed up situation.  Bat soup that sends you straight to jail is in Thailand. Would You Rather asked if one would wear shoes on the wrong feet or really tight underwear?  Today in Closing Remarks, Steve has a special message for The Steve Harvey Nation in Georgia.

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