The Steve Harvey Morning Show

CMA’s, Chicken or Fish, All Female Auto Repair, NFL Draft and more.

Good morning and welcome to the ride!  Junior’s question for Steve and even more so, Steve’s answer.  The CLO had to cut through the malarkey today.  Somebody went way too far with his opinion on the CMA’s.  We have the RSVP/Wedding question just for you.  There is a special auto repair shop in Philly that does more than fix your car problems.  As a Texan fan, Junior is not really fond of the NFL draft because of unknowns.  A family was awarded the money because of sustained damage to their home over a few years.  Uncle Snoop’s new show is criminal and it’s streaming on Peacock.  Why did this round of Would You Rather have to be about Tommy?  Today in Closing Remarks, Steve’s message focused on how to incorporate faith into your life.

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