The Steve Harvey Morning Show

Church Complaints, Snowflake The Dog, Duke of Ottingham, Junior Poetry and more.

Good morning and welcome to the ride! Steve has a need and here we is. It’s about to go down! The Chief Love Officer has some game for a lady that fell for the okie doke. The Jackpot Joint of Jerusalem has a very special guest today and with his nasaly @$$ press play to get some Rev. Adnoid. Big ups to our very own Shirley Strawberry and Carla Ferrell for their contribution to Living Black. Back from being snowed in, Junior has some very belated Valentine’s poetry. Our very own Fool #2 has an exclusive interview with Snowflake The Dog. Steve has cold things to say in Sports Talk. There is news from Buckingham Palace via The Duke of Ottingham. The crew talk about the hardest things to give up for Lent. Today Big Dog wraps up the show with health talk. Monday is his fasting day.

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