The Steve Harvey Morning Show

Church Complaints, MTH, Jim Clyburn, Black Police Chief and more.

Good morning and welcome to the ride! The entire crew is present and accounted for. “Cleveland’s in the Playoffs!” The Chief Love Officer is dealing with a case of matching Air Jordans and Fool #2 makes an interesting point. The usher staff of The Jackpot Joint of Jerusalem are being looked at as potential recruits for the D.C. Police. The Governator of California has his opinion of Donald Trump in the form of another soon to famous one liner. Congressman Clyburn from South Carolina has strong feelings that the domestic terror attack was an inside job. Fool #2 has an original track that he murders just for us. In Sports Talk, Junior congratulates The Cleveland Browns for making the playoffs. Comedy Roulette brings us the excuses the black terrorist came up with that was in the capitol. Today in Closing Remarks, Steve talks about a conversation he had with his father-in-law and he tells us about the “believable” things that he saw.

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