The Steve Harvey Morning Show

Church Complaints, Kim Jong Un, Brad Pitt, Tommy’s Sidepiece Request and more.

Good morning and welcome to the ride! The whole crew is present and accounted for. We are here to enlighten, encourage and entertain you!!! Trump is up to no good and the world wonders about the status of Kim Jong Un. Someone at the strip club used the Zoom account of the congregation. Brad Pitt nails his performance on SNL. There was an infamous house party in Chicago. Fool #2 has a special coronavirus quiz. The Chief Love Officer addresses violence to the family jewels, clingyness and multiple propositions, plus more. Tommy has a request just for sidepiece survival. Junior has his opinions regarding how money will be spent that is connected to the NFL Draft. Today in Closing Remarks, Steve encourages us to remain patient and addresses the anxiety caused by the pandemic and more.

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