The Steve Harvey Morning Show

Tyson VS Jones, Jr., JAB Black Nutcracker, Soul Train, Nate Robinson and more.

Good morning and welcome to the ride! Steve sings a throwback. Does anyone think of Trading Places? Big Dog tells a story about his father-in-law and his watch. The Chief Love Officer has a couple in the batters box that may not have condom sense. Inside Church Complaints, The Little People for Jesus are having an issue with Zoom and Pastor Motown is confused. Nate Robinson “got knocked the F Out” in my Chris Tucker voice. Fool #2 has something new for us. It’s his latest cinematic masterpiece about a skrippa! LMBAO!!! The Tyson VS Jones, Jr. fight took center stage in Sports Talk. Our resident poet Junior came back with more poetry just for Nate Robinson. Fool #2 went to the studio and brought us the quartet with a song about 45. Macys rubbed Zeta Phi Beta the wrong way. Today in Closing Remarks, Steve has a message specifically for those living in Georgia because the countdown is on!

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