The Steve Harvey Morning Show

Church Complaints, Ask Bitterman, Verzuz Battle, Joel Olsteen and more.

Good morning and welcome to the ride! The crew is back to gold old fashioned American chaos. Rev. Adnoid is in For Pastor Motown. Bitterman addresses dream jobs, lady parts and partying without husbands. Fool #2 has a parallelism between outside dogs and the Civil Rights Movement. There was a lot going on between Bone and Three 6 Mafia. Junior noticed a few things during a specific game and is merely just pointing it out. Ever eat some nasty food and been forced to say certain things? Would You Rather involves multiple baby daddies, nakedness and alligators. What had happened was, somewhere in the largest state after Alaska, a large quantity of take a gue$$ was discovered in the comfort room wall. Today the show wraps up with Fool #2’s hate.

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