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CDC, Dr. Fauci, Houston Tiger, Tank, Comedy Roulette and more.

Good morning and welcome to the ride! Get grateful, get joyous, get your mind right! Happy Friday. The Chief Love Officer has some words for an old ass hater. R&B singer Tank announced that he is going deaf. In honor of the RRHOF, J. Anthony Brown has some songs that did not get the recognition that they deserved and here is where they get their highlight. The CDC says that if you are fully vaccinated, a mask is not needed to be worn indoors. Be ready because The Houston Texans will face The Cleveland Browns on September 19. A reward is out for anyone that can located the missing tiger in Houston. The fellas give us the best pick up lines from old players. Today in Closing Remarks, Steve shares with us motivational quotes straight from his personal vault.

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