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Capitol Aftermath, MSNBC Joy Reid, Elizabeth Knoxville, WTH and more.

Good morning and welcome to the ride! Today is like no other day in the history of our nation. There is much to discuss to say the least. The domestic terror attack on the capitol yesterday made Big Dog say, “WTH!” in sheer disbelief. Joy Reid gives us the breakdown of “White Americans” and WOW!!! Anthony from South Carolina makes an interesting point and Big Dog quotes his father-in-law. Rhonda from Memphis points out something that leads Steve to saying this, “You have the right to protest in this country, you don’t have the right to trespass, you don’t have the right to vandalize, that’s what you don’t have the right to do.” A Trump supporter finds out what happens when you try to start a revolution. We have a reenactment from His Flyness. Our boy Walter from Columbus, GA points out the most powerful word in the English language and drops the mic. The FBI is seeking information that will assist them in identifying the individuals that instigated the violence at the capitol yesterday. After being maced at the capitol, Elizabeth from Knoxville, TN is looking for Attorney Benjamin Crump and has been redirected. Today in Closing Remarks, Steve points out how the curtain was pulled back on another side of the American culture.

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