The Steve Harvey Morning Show

Cam Newton, Klutch Sports Agency, Racist GA Attorney, T-Day Tactics and more.

Good morning and welcome to the ride! Imagine if he is right. The CLO has a concerned wife writing in about her husbands actions. Kevin Gough is the racist attorney from GA that put his foot in his mouth. Adele is connected to LBJ’s inner circle. We have a message from a very eligible member of The Steve Harvey Nation who is seeking the right one baby. God ain’t through with Cam Newton straight up! The most EPIC birthday went down at the Staples Center! How do you get people out of your house when it’s time? Would You Rather covers cussin’, 70’s music and deep sea diving. Today Uncle Steve wraps ups the show with his Nephew and just can’t see a time when Fool #1 was good looking.

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