The Steve Harvey Morning Show

Black Women No Calm, Steve Got Him, Ingrate Wife, Ask Steve and more.

Good morning and welcome to the ride!  There is a big thing that we must all trust in and you will surprised what we is talkin’ about.  The CLO got a 24 year old wild boy that is in dire need of guidance.  Someone is not appreciative of what she has and could very well be delusional.  A question was asked to the ladies of the show and the answers were hella aggressive.  This round of Would You Rather went ugly and funny at the same time.  Steve ain’t never taken nobody’s lunch, however, if an opportunity presents itself, well.  Steve from The Steve Harvey Nation had a question for Steve Harvey.  Ever get paid too much by your employer by accident?  Today in Closing Remarks, Steve gave us this.  “Life is too short to be waiting on somebody to act right.”

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