The Steve Harvey Morning Show

Bill Gates Divorce, Ask Bitterman, JAB Too Small, Da Baby Rant and more.

Good morning and welcome to the ride! Who likes tacos more than Fool #2? J. Anthony Brown is really not here to help you, however, he can point you in the right direction for helping yourself. Is Baby Jesus really a victim of high speed social media? The CEO of Team Tommy cannot help but talk about things that are too small. Is unvaccinated America letting COVID win or nah? Fool #2 makes an interesting point when it comes to being last when it is all said and done at the Olympic games. Bitterman talks to us about the reasons for divorce since he has the most. LMBAO!!! We wish many celebrities a Happy Birthday today. Today the show wraps up with the crews “Who Can Get It List” and J. Anthony Brown takes us home.

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