The Steve Harvey Morning Show

Bill Cosby, WAP and Politics, Stay Woke & Vote, NY Plastic Surgeon and more.

Good morning and welcome to the ride!  When it comes to multiple people, our resident expert Nephew Tommy is the guy for any questions pertaining to that.  Somebody in The Jackpot Joint of Jeru$alem is the underwear thief.  The Chief Love Officer starts the week off with his plate full.  RiRi gives birth to her first child.  Georgia, Alabama and Arkansas all have primary elections tomorrow.  Critical race theory causes a stir in the mind of a bi-racial male’s white mother.  Nick Saban needs a governor for his mouth.  A NY plastic surgeon got it like that and women are lining up!  We find out what plastic surgery procedures the crew would have performed on them.  Cardi B. shares her views on politics.  Today in Closing Remarks, Steve opens up about a fat bastard that tore up a hotel room in 12 seconds. 

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