The Steve Harvey Morning Show

Biden’s Speech, The Unforgotten Awards, Sheryl Underwood, Carla’s Reality Update and more.

Good morning and welcome to the ride! Fool #2 is here to start off the show because “they” asked him to. Halle Berry’s hair is trending and Fool #1 has something to say about it. J. Anthony Brown has some advice for a selfish mother that is along the lines of taking it for the team. Brandon Mitchell, a member of the jury for the Derek Chauvin murder trial, spoke out about the guilty verdict. Fool #2 brings us the awards to people who should have received awards but they didn’t receive an award. Our girl from The Talk cannot handle the unrelenting female attention that Junior is getting due to their relationship and she is here to vent. Carla talks about Couple’s Retreat in Reality Update. History was made in many ways when 46 spoke last night. The crew wrap up the show today with Oscar talk and their thoughts about President Biden’s speech.

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