The Steve Harvey Morning Show

Best of 2021: EWF VS The Isley Brothers, First Day of Spring, Anita Baker, Kanye West and more.

Good morning and welcome to the ride! Steve talks about his ’78 Cutlass Supreme. The CLO goes from sexyback to Big Sexy. We find out that The Jackpot Joint of Jerusalem will get a $timi check. There is another Verzuz battle and it is right up Uncle Steve’s alley. EWF VS The Isley Brothers!!! Junior is back with Spring time poetry and he sends birthday wishes to Fool #2. Happy Birthday J. Anthony Brown!!! Anita Baker has a request for her fans. Junior is sad to to report about Jackson State’s loss and somebody from the opposition is being hella petty. Detroit has a power lifting champion in her 70’s that the whole world can get inspiration from. Kanye’s billions are being questioned and Steve has something to say about that! Steve closes the show today with a question tied to skin color and bigotry.

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