The Steve Harvey Morning Show

AZ Goes Biden, Obama Book, Denzel House Fire, Moses Called and more.

Good morning and welcome to the ride! Today we celebrate being alive. Arizona has conceded to Joe Biden!!! The Chief Love Officer deals with an adulterer that has a “grainy” video in between his @$$ and the truth. Barack Obama has a new memoir coming out that talks about the rise of 45 along with his marriage to our forever FLOTUS. Our boy L in Tampa was happy to report that a 45 supporter was questioning God because of Biden. To be fair though, it might also be MLB related. We also had callers from Alabama and Sierra Leone. Denzel Washington’s home caught fire and we are happy to know that he and his family are safe. Moses called in and hopefully it brought Steve closer to Nicodemus. Shirley went (Nissan) Rouge with a Stevie Wonder story. Today in Closing Remarks, Steve has something strictly for the “non-believers” and he implores us to reach out to our folks in Georgia.

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