The Steve Harvey Morning Show

ATL Polls, Steve’s Grandson BJ, NBA Finals, Trump Taxes and more.

Good morning and welcome to the ride! It’s time for the greatest show in the world to begin, make no mistake about it. It’s debate day baby!!! The Chief Love Officer quite possibly has an ungrateful man on hands. Undecided male voters have skrippas in ATL with a campaign that encourages fellas to take their booties to the polls. Big Dog is in hot water with his daughter Karli because of what he taught her son. The NY Times has information about money that Trump has squandered. Steve breaks down the situation. Game 1 of the NBA Finals is tomorrow. LA Lakers VS Miami Heat! There are still some doubts regarding ballistics in the Breonna Taylor case. Happy Birthday to DeVante Swing of Jodeci. Today in Closing Remarks, Steve paints a very clear picture of who we have in office today and implores The Steve Harvey Nation to not let this fly for another four years.

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