The Steve Harvey Morning Show

Ask The Nephew Jeezy, Gucci, Joe Biden Birthday and more.

Good morning and welcome to the ride! Fool #1 opens up and gives you The World Famous Steve Harvey Morning Show. Today’s show is dedicated to Tommy’s essential workers. The Chief Love Officer is not here, however, The Nephew is. We’ll see if Fool #1 got it like that! The Steve Harvey Morning Show Annual Turkey Giveaway has started. Fool #1 talks to us about his method to frying turkey. The battle between Gucci and Jeezy took place at the strip club and ended peacefully. What was on the side of Rudy Giuliani’s face? Thanksgiving is approaching and the crew take us back with their fondest memories. Did Junior put the Humpty Dance on his playlist? Today as the show wrapped up, Junior did his sermon that took us from the White House to the jailhouse. Have a great weekend!!!

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