The Steve Harvey Morning Show

Ask Bitterman, JAB MTH, Junior Sports Talk and more.

Good morning and welcome to the ride! Fool #2 opens up the show and the warning is clear. This show will be I G N O R A N T!!!!!!! Bitterman has a specific message for a guy that has slept with a pair of cousins. Cardi B. gives Offset a brand new Lambo for his birthday. If the pandemic were back to normal for one day, we ask the crew, “What would you do?” Fool #2 murders another one in the spirit of The Doobie Brothers. The crew go down memory lane as they tell us the food that their mom would make for them when were sick. J. Anthony Brown talks to us about what would happen if Santa were to get pulled over. Your favorite play cousin Junior congratulates The Greek Freak on his 5 year deal with The Bucks. The show wraps up by showcasing our Fools. #1 and #2. They go from Ready to Love all the way to Assisted Living.

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