The Steve Harvey Morning Show

Ask Bitterman, Chadwick Boseman Memorial, Dr. Dre Divorce and more.

Good morning and welcome to the ride! Fool #2 opens up the show and Shirley is still wearing white! Bitterman has a “look-a-here” situation on his hands in Ask Bitterman. Michael B. Jordan and other cast members of Black Panther along with the widow of Chadwick Boseman attended a private memorial service. Is $2 million a month too much for Dr. Dre to give his ex-wife or nah? The two fools J. Anthony Brown and Tommy have the ultimate vehicle for sidepieces. In Sports Talk, Junior covers the NBA semi-finals and he mentions good news for one member of the Houston Texans. Kamala Harris voices her opinion and expresses her doubt about the coronavirus vaccine, which prompted 45 to demand an apology from her. Today we wrap up the show with J. Anthony Brown giving us the 411 about his new TV show ‘Tyler Perry’s Assisted Living’ and Shirley reminds us about the importance of early voting.

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