The Steve Harvey Morning Show

Anthony Hamilton Interview, SWV Verzuz Xscape, Junior Mother’s Day Poem and more.

Good morning and welcome to the ride! Steve points out that this is the lightest J. Anthony Brown has ever been and Tommy is standing at towering 6 foot 6! There is a question about the educational value of an adult video that is discussed with The CLO. The next Verzuz battle between SWV VS Xscape will take place tomorrow May 8th. We speak with Grammy Award Winning Artist Anthony Hamilton and talk about his latest song “You Made A Fool Of Me” and you get to hear it right here. J Rap brings us poetry just for the mother’s out there just in time for Mother’s Day this Sunday. The wheel was spun in Comedy Roulette and it landed on the stupid things white people say to black people. A 25 year old lady in Africa gave birth to 9 babies on Tuesday. Today in Closing Remarks, Steve asks the question. “How do you steal an election in 2020?”

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