The Steve Harvey Morning Show

Anthony Hamilton Interview, Dallas School Shooting, Kellogg’s Strike, Bitterman Shameless Plug and more.

Good morning and welcome to the ride! Uncle Steve and Fool #1 have some good points in regards to parenting. Grammy Award winner Anthony Hamilton is here to discuss the latest and he has a new track produced by Jermaine Dupri called “You Made A Fool Of Me” to share with us. In honor of the BET Awards, Fool #2 wrote a simple song and it includes some shameless things as well. Junior and PImpin’ got a some picks just for you and there is much said about what is going on in Jacksonville. Kellogg’s employees have gone on strike! The shooter in Dallas may have been the victim of bullying. Steve broke it down and it is a tough pill to swallow. Today in Closing Remarks, Steve brings to light the realities of bullying.

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