The Steve Harvey Morning Show

50 Cent Bengals VS Rams Tommy's New Shows Bathing Question and more

Good morning and welcome to the ride! Really Steve!?!? Two members of The Jackpot Joint of Jeru$alem cannot see eye to eye. The Chief Love Officer tips his hat to a slick boyfriend whose story had no holes. 50 cent got some cold cases to solve plus someone in the 818 must have anonymity at the top of the priority list. Does Tommy have new shows? A man in Iran has defied all logic with his habits. Rams VS Bengals is on for February 13. There is a money question in WYR that will make you think. There is a poll out there that suggests couples breakup because of one’s inability to do what? Fool #1 has this daily habit and Steve don’t understand it. Today in Closing Remarks, Steve has something to say about IG and the law of attraction.
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