The Steve Harvey Morning Show

305 Finale Ready to Love, Audible Kym, Popeye’s Turkey, Kanye Ban and more.

Good morning and welcome to the ride!  A trip is being planned and a request has been made.  The Chief Love Officer didn’t have to be so mean today.  Jada out there doing too much again!  Georgians are doing their thing at the polls and it is looking good.  Yeezy made some anti-Semetic comments and a very powerful man has requested major companies to stop doing business with the genius.  Tommy is speaking against this $95 thing that is coming back for Thanksgiving to Popeye’s.  Part 1 of the reunion show for Ready to Love Miami is tonight.  We bring you the things that women do that men love.  Would You Rather will have you fighting and getting naked.  Today in Closing Remarks, Big Dog gives us a friendly reminder of what happened was not a fluke.  PERIOD!!!

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