The Steve Harvey Morning Show

22 Racks and The Color Purple, Don’t Ask Bitterman, Heat, COVID Split and more.

Good morning and welcome to the ride! J. Anthony Brown wants to be a special delivery for a nudist. Something happened at The JPJJ that requires a whole lot of attention. Reigning US Open Champion Naomi Osaka will donate the money she wins to her father’s home country Haiti. Fool #2 does last week’s news with a musical twist. Parents are torn between wearing masks and not wearing them. Your favorite play cousin gives us the latest with the NFL and preseason action. The comedians give you the mean things people say about you when you don’t have time to take a picture or sign an autograph inside Comedy Roulette. Things have been said about the month of July. Today the show wraps up with the word funk and whatever can be tied to IT?

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