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“Ellen” Showers Deserving New Parents With Baby Gifts!

On Monday’s episode of her remote daytime show, the comedian featured guests La’Shay Crayton and Cameron Crayton from Harlem who recently welcomed their first child together, newborn son Cameron Jr. In fact, while the two were in the hospital with their little one on the way, Cameron surprised La’Shay with the news that they would be guests on the show.

Now, with their little one officially in the world, the couple chatted with DeGeneres, including about Cameron’s work as a New York firefighter.

As he told the host, “Ever since I can remember, I’ve always wanted to be a fireman and I’m grateful for the opportunity to serve in that aspect…So many people don’t get that chance, but I have that chance.”

Amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, Cameron added, “It gets hard sometimes, especially when you have to knock down the doors of some of your old co-workers and you find them passed away or even in your own firehouse, where several of the members contract the COVID-19…It’s pretty rough, but we have our hopes up and we’re staying positive.”