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Dwayne Johnson recalls being released from the CFL, teases its collaboration with XFL

Jean Baptiste Lacroix/Getty Images

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson penned an emotionally-charged essay on Wednesday about how fate can be a funny thing.

The Jumanji star reflected on his past stint on the Canadian Football League (CFL), and how it “changed my life.”

In a reflective post, Johnson shared a throwback snap where he tried out for the league and the dreams he had for his potential football career.  Of course, his life took him in a completely different path, but he noted how everything has come full circle.

“The CFL changed my life,” said Johnson. “When you have nothing and you’re scratching and clawing for everything you can get – all in the spirit of making your football dreams come true. You become the hardest worker in the room.”

The tequila mogul furthered, “I knew in my heart I was going to make it in the CFL – and parlay that into a very successful career in the NFL.  Maybe even win a Super Bowl… But neither of those dreams came close to coming true.”

“Truth is, I just wasn’t good enough and it wasn’t my time,” Johnson reflected, saying he was “grateful” for the opportunity because “being cut by the CFL was the greatest thing that happened.”

“I had $7 bucks.  But it’s funny how sometimes life comes full circle,” the 48-year-old star furthered, noting of his new venture with the newly revived XFL, of which he acquired last year.

“As owner of the XFL, our discussions with the CFL have been exciting. There’s a real pulse here because you can feel the unique opportunity we can potentially create together,” he teased, but didn’t release anything more than a promise that a partnership will “create even greater and bigger opportunities for all our players and all our fans.”

By Megan Stone 
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