“Drake” Returns To Working Out After Knee Surgery.

On Tuesday, Drake, 34, posted an eye-watering snapshot of his gains after what appeared to be an intense workout — and some fans were a bit distracted. “Drake can have it all,” one person tweeted in response to the Instagram photo. “Late night Drake vibes,” another joked. “Why Drake trending?” added a third person, who shared a hilarious GIF, before adding, “Oh yeah, nvm (never mind).”

“10 weeks post op, I’m grinding for recovery EVERYDAY,” he wrote in one of two Instagram story photos. The 47-time Grammy-nominated singer also shared a video of himself lifting weights while doing squats.

Drake previously posted a photo on his Instagram story that showed his knee wrapped in a cast. It is unclear how he sustained the injury. “I actually want to use this post to send love and motivation to anybody else that 2020 let loose on,” he began. “Start writing the best bounce back story NOW.”

Last month, Drake teased the launch of his new scented candle line, Better World Fragrance House with the release of an official landing page. One candle set to soon debut is expected to smell like the star. Also in December, the 4-time Grammy winner shared sweet photos of himself spending time his adorable son, Adonis, 3. Drake’s own mom, Sandy Graham, was also pictured and appeared happy to spend time with her grandson.